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Managed Hosting


Specially in Brazil, Brasil Link provides the concept of Managed Hosting. Based on ​​partial outsourcing, an experienced Brazilian team take over the responsibility for the support, monitoring and management of your company’s servers.


With a project made especially to meet the needs of your business, the Managed Hosting is more than just leasing or hosting servers: it is the guarantee of stability, agility, redundancy and resource scalability.


By hiring Managed Hosting, you’ll have the infrastructure of high quality data centers at your disposal, which provides redundancy in the supply of power, connectivity with major backbones, the hardware needed to support your project, and also the proactive management of your applications. All this at a monthly cost which is much lower than maintaining a similar structure in your company.




By hiring the Managed Hosting for a server or networking equipment of your project, you save valuable time of your professionals and gain agility and stability of your platform. Stop worrying about maintenance, upgrades and system settings. Our expert team takes on that responsibility. Let your team free to work on real improvements for your business.


Description Business Layers
Business Process Client’s Daily Activities
Client’s Application Management Software (ex: erp, crm, and others)
Operating System Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris
Server or equipment Servidores RISC/CISC, Appliances, Roteadores, Switches
Network IP,Wan,Local Network
Basic Infraestructure Power, HVAC, Security -2N+1




Managed Hosting is performed by expert teams. Training and qualifications are part of our routine and 85% of our staff is certified in key technologies on the market. If your demand is for the administration of a SGBD or specific application server, for example, an expert in this technology will assist you. Our team has the know-how to manage operational systems, firewalls, databases, routers and switches, backup solutions and application servers from different technologies. Managed Hosting is offered in two distinct types. Read the differences and choose the one that best fits your company’s profile:




Hosting Management – Help Desk (HD) acts on the installation, operation, configuration change or failure recovery in servers and / or network devices. All actions are taken at your request. If an assistance from our team is needed, just contact us through the Client Portal or our call center and a professional service will start within 15 minutes maximum, as guaranteed in the contract.




With the Total Hosting Management (GT) our team acts proactively. Routine activities are carried out and monitored to ensure safe operation and satisfactory performance of your IT platform.

The GT involves all HD activities, but under the full responsibility of our team.



The main differences between both modes are in the summary below.


Activity – Function / Management Model Help Desk Total Management
Monthly report of service level Yes Yes
Specific technical support for troubleshooting Yes Yes
Beginning of services within 15 minutes after request Yes Yes
History calls available on the Extranet Yes Yes
Disaster recovery No Yes
Servers monitoring Basic Advanced
Reinstalling the operational system and restoring from backup No Yes
Management of operational system and basic applications No Yes
Operations troubleshootings No Yes
Control and performance adjustment No Yes
Updates and upgrades No Yes
Security management No Yes
Vulerability Analysis (optional) No Yes




• Technical team with specialists in various technologies. Count on a professional with deep knowledge of all software used in your environment

• Easy management of your business without the need to worry about the IT routine aspects such as system update, backup, monitoring and configuration changes

• Experience on the management of servers. A problem that is affecting your company for the first time, will probably have been faced by one of our clients and dealt with by our technical team

• High scalability. Expansions in the structure are fast and with no new investments (Capital Expenditure)

• World class data center with physical and logical security, certificated ISO 9001:2008; ISO 27001:2013; ISAE 3402 type II and SSAE 16

• Link redundancy: redundant and independent optic fiber connections with the best Telecom operators

• Uninterrupted power guaranteed by redundancy in the provision by the concessionaire, generators and UPSs

• Quality of service level guaranteed by contract (SLA)