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Smart Hands


In order for your company to enjoy a reliable IT environment, the proper functioning of the applications is as important as the infrastructure beneath them.


When a technically complex task outside the scope of contracted management or knowledge of your team needs to be done, we offer packages of technical hours. Are you having unforeseen troubles which you don’t know how to solve? Count our certified Brazilian professionals for the times when you need help. Hiring takes place in a timely way, only for the resolution of your problem.


We can also act proactively taking on the responsibilities for the support, monitoring and management of your company’s servers. For that, click here to see our complete solutions for environment management.



We have professionals available in the data center, certified by ATS (Tier Specialist Accreditation) at the Uptime Institute, a global reference in quality and high availability of infrastructure and services.

It is invested more than R$ 1 million annually in training of our professionals.The technical team is 85% certified, with a total of more than 250 certifications in the company, including Microsoft

certifications, Cisco, VMware and  Linux / LPI.




• Team available 24x7x365 can perform both emergency tasks and maintenance activities scheduled in advance

• Trained and certified professionals, specialized in the main market technologies

• Technical professionals involved directly with the management of servers of hundreds of clients. A new problem to your team will have most probably been faced by our team