PTT Metro


Have you ever thought of the amount of time you have wasted with connection failures and slow downloads? Multiply by the number of employees in your company and see that the loss of productivity is significant. In that context, Brasil Link gives you access to PTT Metro RJ and SP. PTT Metro is a direct interconnection between the networks that are part of the Brazilian Internet, eliminates the intermediates and makes access better and much faster.




By hiring this service, you clearly notice the reduction in the use of Internet bandwidth, and reduce your dependence on the telecom operator and consequently your expenses with connectivity.

All participants in the PTT Metro are able to freely exchange traffic between themselves without losing packages or latency and without slowing down. You can choose to exchange traffic with all participants or specific participants. For a fixed monthly cost your company can carry an unlimited volume of data. To join the PTT Metro you just need to have an ASN, router / server capable of running BGP and structure, or peer-to-peer link in one of our units.