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Brasillink helps you join the Green IT era. From a consultative review of the environment, physically at your company or Brasillink, you can achieve incredible rationalization costs of equipment, memory, networking and storage.


By optimizing the IT infrastructure, you increase the control and agility to manage your environment and can allocate most of the budget available in services that optimize the availability and performance of servers, adding value to users and for the entire company. Enjoy the best of your it infrastructure A study performed by Gartner on the practice of Green IT was widely spread in the specialized media in 2010. In the study, the consulting company recommends that assets have to be well managed and suggests the use of virtualization. The publication also states that it is possible, through the effective use of this model, to reduce the power consumed by servers by up to 82% and the occupation of physical space by up to 85%. It is estimated that by 2013 many companies will be using virtualization technologies.






The analysis of the environment is performed by a highly skilled and experienced team in dozens of virtualization projects. A real study of the current performance and estimated demand will lead to recommendations for the optimization of the current environment to support theoperation, such as software upgrades and / or new servers that may be necessary. In Brazil, our team make this study 100% customized. We donot use a standard questionnaire, everything is done taking into consideration the scenario and circumstances found in each environment. We donot cling to the technology used in your project. Have the freedom to work with VMWare, Xen or Microsoft Hyper-V. Implementation Theimplementation of the proposed consolidation is done by the same team responsible for the analysis, ensuring the integrity and consistency ofthe solutions. It is possible that a hybrid environment is set up, with some virtualized and other physical servers. Our team will perform theintegration of your IT platform, virtualizing only when possible, without loss in performance or safety.




Once implemented, the environment can be managed within the standards of Brasillink excellence in hosting management that you already know. Rely on highly skilled and certified team of Brazilian professionals, available 24×7 for support, monitoring and management. Service levels (SLA) are guaranteed by contract. The initial treatment of problems is done within 15 minutes after the call is placed.

We can be responsible for the analysis of vulnerability and security administration of your environment. We will perform the control and performance adjustment of the hardware as well as updates and upgrades. As the environment will be lean, monthly expenses with management will also be lower.




• Analysis of your environment focused on consolidation

• Team with experience in implementation and management of major virtualization technologies

• Impartiality with regard to technology: choosing the technology that best fits your environment (VMWare, Xen or Hyper-V)

• Management of the environment: greater control and agility for changes and recovery

• Efficiency: offer in line with the concept of Green IT

• Rationalization in the use of your resources (computational, space and power)