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Global Service Load Balance


Offer a better experience to the end-users who browse your site, designing a contingency environment or creating specific environments to meet the different geographical regions. The GSLB allows for the distribution of accesses to an application between different data centers.


In case your server crashes or even the entire data center – detected by simple tests of availability such as PINGs – the GSLB does the switching to the contingency environment within 60 seconds maximum. Apart from this, the GSLB can direct the internet users to the data center in the nearest town, reducing access latency.


For a fraction of the cost for the Global Service Load Balance solutions in the market, the GSLB serves companies with lean investment budgets in IT infrastructure, and need a coldsite environment or balancing geographical access.




Each request received by your site will be forwarded to the data center located nearest to the user who requested it. By doing this, you shorten the distance between your data and your users, reducing the time of latency and enabling the delivery of personalized content, according to the geographical position of the user.




Coldsite Balancing is ideal for you who needs an active-passive redundancy for your environment. The balancing by availability (fail over) was created for projects where the client has a contingency structure hosted in one of data centers provided by Brasil Link, in-house or in another IDC. With this feature, you also now have redundant data centers. In case of failure in the primary data center, accesses will be routed to the alternate data center.




With geographic balancing you specify which areas should access what data centers. Therefore, the users that try to access the environment are directed according to the geographic location. Separate the accesses to your site based on the access source of your clients and improve their access experience! This type of solution is similar to the one used by websites such as Wikipedia and YouTube, that wish to provide different content according to the origin of the visitor




• Low cost compared to proprietary solutions

• Geographic direction considers the country of origin of the environment users

• Allows the contingency environment to be hosted within the client’s home or in another data center

• Integration with Client Portal

• Solution developed by us – improvements and customizations can be easily implemented according to your demand