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Hosted Exchange


E-mail has become an essential application in any business activity. Therefore, we expect total availability and performance of the structure. In order to stay in the competitive business environment, you need sophisticated messaging tools with features like mobile access and shared calendars. These tools can have complex implementation, management and support needs.


Now you can enjoy the benefits of corporate level email on a model on-demand that allows you to increase or reduce the cost as needed, minimizing your financial risk. ALOG Hosted Exchange helps you save costs with IT professionals and focus your efforts on your core business.


Have the mailboxes with the sizes you need, with individual features such as planner, contacts, tasks, calendar, Bastion Hosts protection and retention of deleted items for a period of 14 days.

Without investment on servers or loss of focus If you don’t have specialists on your staff, or prefer them to focus on more valuable projects, our Hosted Exchange solution can provide all the mobility and information sharing functionality needed for a complete messaging service that meets the requirements of the corporate world. We offer the complete solution, including infrastructure, servers, configuration, support and backups. Don’t waste time with the environment management. The creation of mailboxes, distribution lists, contacts and other settings can be performed on a control panel with a simple and intuitive interface.




Set up your environment according to your needs. We offer Hosted Exchange in two different ways, with the basic features and the other, more complete, with all the collaboration features.   Combine our different email solutions in the same environment. Choose, for each employee in your company, the solution that meets your exact needs. You can even use our Hosted Exchange solution for certain users, but keep the remaining in your current e-mail server. By migrating your current structure to our solution, you may find it important to keep your messages stored. Our team is experienced in migrating accounts and can help you with this task. We offer Hosted Exchange in two ways for you to choose one that best fits your company’s needs. Combine both solutions in the same environment. Select, for each user, the profile that best meets your needs.




With the Basic Hosted Exchange, you have access to your mailbox by browsing through the Light version of Outlook Web Access (OWA Light) or via any e-mail software that supports POP / SMTP / IMAP, including mobile devices (without the ActiveSync resources). Rely on the individual Mailbox resources (Directories, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar), but without the sharing resources.




In the Hosted Exchange Collaboration, you can enjoy all the features of Microsoft Outlook. These are management resources and calendar sharing, global address list (GAL), attachment visualization even without the corresponding software installed, file sharing and feedback requests.   Enjoy all these features in an integrated, safe and centralized way through Microsoft Outlook, your browser using the full version of Outlook Web Access, and also on your mobile. The activities performed by your smartphone are synchronized with Exchange via ActiveSync. To complement your environment, it also provides access for users of Blackberry devices, and it is possible to use the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) in the environment.


Features Basic Account Colaboration Account
Account Management Panel
SLA of 99,9% (availability)
Retention of deleted items for a period of 14 days
Protection of ALOG Bastion Hosts (antivirus and antispam)
Web Browser Access (OWA)
Individual Mailbox Resources (Directories, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar)
Supports Attachments Up to 10MB Up to 50MB
Painel de Administração de Contas
Directories, Calendar, contacts and shared tasks
Global Address List
Access through mobile devices




Perhaps the main advantage of Hosted Exchange is the peace of mind you get when the service is used. You get all the benefits of a corporate email solution without any administrative burden. As part of its monthly task, we offer:


• High availability of the structure – Brasil Link is the only company to offer carrier neutral data centers in Brazil

• Built-in redundancy for peak performance

• Resources of security infrastructure, network and server

• Appropriate updates and security patches

• Maintenance and support through the Client Portal and Unconditional Support, 24x7x365

• Assistance by a team of certified and experienced professionals


Category Workforce Costs
Investiment High investiment in hardware, software licenses, specialized labor and others. Unforeseen maintenance costs. The inital costs are minimal. Your company doesn’t need to purchace hardware, software or specialized labor. The recurring cost is low, predictable and easy to budget.
Resources Need a skilled and dedicated workforce. Managing 100 mailboxes within a company with one standard email solution fully occupies the time of a senior analyst. No need for dedicated manpower to maintain the accounts. We provide all the professionals needed for the perfect management structure.
Implementation and Scalability With a dedicated senior analyst, it takes at least 30 days to implement a “home-like” solution for e-mail and collaboration.* Have a whole man and professional collaboration structure in operation within hours, with easy scalability and customization.
Reliability and maintenance of the sctructure Lack of redundancy or bandwidth, operational errors, including upgrades – these are possibile causes of performance or security problems. This can lead to loss of productivity or customer dissatisfaction. Updates are pllaned and executed by professionals. The level of service is guaranteed by an SLA contract (99.9% availability). Count on the Client Portal to make the interactions independently or through technical support, available 24x7x365.
Security To be free of viruses and SPAM, constant vigilance is required, which can be translated into higher investment n specific solutions and skilled workforce. With ALOG Hosted Exchange, your mailbox is protected against all threats. Brasillink already has a sophisticated security architecture.