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Business Continuity


Whether domestic demand or regulatory requirements, every business must be prepared for contingency situations in which IT infrastructure is likely to be affected by some sort of incident that commits the level of standard service. Every company is exposed to several operational risks, such as “blackout”, fault in the cooling system of servers, Internet access unavailability, natural disasters, impediments to access to the workplace and even boycott by disaffected employees. All this may result in loss of the most important asset of your business: strategic and operational information. Only Brasil Link can provide custom-made solutions to assist your company in situations like those described above. Do you need an environment with uninterrupted power supply, redundant cooling system,contingency rooms with working positions prepared for immediate use, backup, safe and effective for your team doesn’t stop in extreme situations? Your contingency structure hired with Brasil Link will use a local physical network to access your equipment. As appropriate, can be made available in your structure, office equipment and Internet access. Please contact our sales team and request a custom project.


Features Shared Office Position Guaranteed Office Position Exclusive Suite Dedicated Private Suite
Standard Furniture (Desk and chair) Customer defined**
Workstatin Customer defined** Customer defined**
VoIP extension Customer defined**
Printer Shared Shared Shared Customer defined**
Cross Connection to the client’s environment (IDC)
Space to use your own notebook
Analog phone extension Customer defined** Customer defined**
ATOD site prep SLA 4 hour 2 hour 4 hour Imediate

*Limit for use: in contract, maximum of 96 hours Annual Allotment. Fee when exceed contracted hours.
**Using the Brasil Link standard or your own.

Brasil Link designed this solution according to the Brazilian market demand, offering the same quality for all the verticals. Aimed to attend the most common quality/security certification standards, BCP (Business Continuity Plan) requirements, or even for companies that need avoid business losses and reputation damage from an outage, Brasil Link offer its flexible solutions such Office Position / Business Continuity Room:

SHARED OFFICE POSITION: companies sharing a single room with contingency desk properly equipped, with maximum of 4:1 sharing ratio.

GUARANTEED OFFICE POSITION: companies share a room with dedicated stations for each client. You can use your own equipment or of one of our partners.

EXCLUSIVE SUITE: Room with 8 to 10 seats properly equipped and maximum of 4:1 sharing ratio. Once activated, only one company can use it exclusively.

DEDICATED PRIVATE SUITE: customized and dedicated rooms, available 24×7.


• Keep your business running, with direct access to your servers, even in moments of crisis
• Environments always ready for use, with the same stability and security of the data center