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Microsoft Azure Express Route



With Brasil Link, you can quickly connect your environment to Microsoft® Azure using Azure ExpressRoute.

Through a private cloud instead of public internet, this solution improves performance and reliability, while reducing bandwidth costs. The infrastructure of Microsoft Azure is one safest data centers in the world, and is available through Cloud Exchange and offered by Brasil Link. It is an advanced interconnection solution that provides direct, secure and high performance access to multiple clouds.

Optimum results will make you feel as if your Azure cloud was just an expansion of your physical environment. Through Brasil Link your environment can be connected to Cloud Exchange through cross connection, and the interconnection with Microsoft Azure is via virtual circuit. Customers that don’t have any hosted infrastructure hired with Brasil Link can be connected to Cloud Exchange by contracting a PAP link to ensure the connectivity between its in-house environment and the carrier infrastructure inside data center service provided by Brasil Link. From the data center we set the connection to Cloud Exchange via cross connection, and a virtual circuit will do the interconnection with Microsoft Azure.

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• 99.999% availability by SLA

• Single solution, several scenarios

• Extremely secured, fast and seamless connection

• More control and security compared to public internet connection

• Integrated to Managed Services, offered by Brasil Link exclusively in Latin America

• Carrier Neutral and Services Neutral

• Global Reach: service is available on 21 strategic markets around the world

• Reduction of bandwidth costs

• Consistent, secure and flexible network performance