Being a highlight on the internet means that you have to connect your network to various companies. You can access the information, but on the other hand need to expose its structure. Firewall systems offered by Brasil Link are a protective barrier that analyzes data traffic in your network, and by applying rules, controls access to your environment. By filtering access, you can safely do business online. The private information that travels on your network is protected and you avoid the misuse of its structure by third parties, improving application performance. Besides the safety provided by filtering the network, firewall service may additionally be used to establish solutions as VPN network and bandwidth control for IP.




In this product you rely on redundant equipment, monitored and managed by our Brazilian team of experts. This solution can meet filtered networks whose traffic reaches up to 30 Mbps. You hire the Firewall as a service, without the use of resources of your rack. Thus, it eliminates investments in hardware and operating costs of its maintenance. As the structure is established, the implementation is much faster and you gain agility in periods of expansion. without losing the autonomy to create and change the Firewall rules. Without requiring expertise in specific tools, you can manage the rules through a simple and intuitive web interface, the Customer Portal.




For networks with a high traffic or with specific features such as the use of VoIP, NAT, VPN, or game servers, it is recommended that a unique structure be used. With the Simple Dedicated Firewall systems you have all the hardware dedicated to your needs. The equipment is installed in your rack and can be managed by your team or by ours. The solution is designed according to your needs and can be used to filter data in both a Colocation network service and in a Dedicated Access service.




Similar to the solution above, the Dedicated Firewall in High Availability is different by using redundant hardware, configured in high availability to increase fault tolerance.




• Protection for safe online business

• In the dedicated solutions, it is possible to do advanced configurations such as VPN, bandwidth control via IP, optimization for VOIP, NAT and games

• Have the stability guaranteed by redundant equipment, monitored and managed by our Brazilian team. You can use the solution as a shared service, with no investments in hardware and without taking up space in your rack, or creating a dedicated environment

• Independence to create and change firewall rules directly through the Customer Portal in the shared solution or with the support of our team, in the dedicated solution