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Service Level Manager (SLM)


Would you like to know what are the benefits of hiring a SLA Manager? Next time you travel, stay in a hotel that offers concierge service. Your experience will be much more pleasant as this professional will give you all assistance you may need, making sure that your trip will be a enjoyable moment plenty of small attentions.


In Brazil, we offer a service very similar to this. In this case, the role of this professional here is to maintain and improve the quality of IT level service through a cycle of negotiation, definition and management of IT level services. Furthermore, he encourages actions to improve the quality of the environment. He will be your focal point for operational actions in Brasil Link, interacting with all other teams and offering you support whenever you need, and proactively helping you in strategic and tactical decisions.


By hiring a SLA Manager, you will benefit of:


•    Service follow up and performance through reports including SLA review, meeting schedule, incidents report, GMUD escalation and processes


•    Direct action on problems and/or improvement situations


•    A better understanding of your business, providing you the possibility to forecast future problems and other needs


•    Operational and managerial support in case of eventual crisis, activation of new services and management changes


•    Review of management changes, escalation, responsibility matrix and service level agreements (SLA) processes


•    Environmental risk management, dealing with the concerned areas the adequate work


•    Highly specialized professional focused on customer service, available 24×7 (dedicated manager) or during business hours (shared manager)





By hiring a dedicated Level Service Manager you will have a highly specialized professional interface 24×7 to answer to all your operational needs, from basic executions to strategic decisions. This will assure more efficient delivery, as he knows in details your environment, a benefit that a shared team rarely would be able to offer.




• 40 hours of monthly interface with your dedicated manager in Brasil Link’s offered service or in your office + 4 hours meetings for controlling points

• Full time service (business hours, after hours and weekends) in addition to all regular communication channels Brasil Link provides.

• Unlimited planning and up to 4 management changes executions per month




This highly specialized professional will be your interface during business hours to answer all your operational needs, and can offer you the same services of a dedicated manager but on shared service.




• 12 hours of interaction per month with a shared team inside the data center partner with Brasil Link or at your office + 4 hours meetings for controlling points

• This service is available during business hours, in addition to all regular communication channels Brasil Link provides.

• Unlimited planning and up to 2 changes of management execution off-hours per month