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Hybrid Projects


Brasil Link understands that every company has its particularities and needs which are very specific when it comes to the IT infrastructure. Some applications can be hosted in shared environments or in the cloud, while others require a dedicated physical server, be it at the company or data center.


Build your environment mixing the various hosting options and content management. Only Brasil Link offers the flexibility that you need the way you need it, without wasting neither resources nor assets.




Differently from the complex public cloud casts solutions in the market, our Brazilian Corporate Cloud fully integrates to the physical environments, exactly the same way as a traditional server. We offer shared or private arrangements and, in both cases, we work with advisory sales and project design to meet your exact needs. To identify opportunities for server consolidation, you can count on the expertise of our Brazilian team of specialists, experienced in the most diverse technologies. The Management of your environment can be performed by your team, orwe can be responsible for the support, monitoring and management of your structure hosted in this country.




• Join robustness and economy in one single environment. Approach each server according to its purpose, using smaller cloud servers for some applications and dedicated machines for others

• Make better use of your investment. By taking complementary machines to the cloud, you avoid wasting resources and can better apply them on the main servers in your environment

• Total integration with your environment: Cloud servers perfectly integrate with all the other servers and services of the portfolio of services offered by Brasil Link , just like a physical environment.