Have you ever thought about losing all your Company’s critical information? Even if you invest in redundant storage resources, unforeseen events can happen. Keep a reliable backup system and protect your data against hardware or application failures or user errors.


The total cost to own a complete backup solution is high. The team responsible for this activity is generally involved in other activities and does not always have time to check whether the solution still meets your needs. Many times, the problems are found only when they recovery is necessary.


Don’t take that risk! Learn about our Brazilian backup solutions.




With our solution of Backup as Service, contracting takes place according to the volume of data to be backed up. Whenever you need, increase its capacity rapidly. Don’t worry about buying or allocating hardware and labor.


Copies are made every day, according to the previously defined policy. The backup agent works at the scheduled time and can copy files from the file system or search data directly from your applications. Ensure reliable backup for the files in your storage, your E-mail (such as Exchange), database (like Oracle and SQL Server) and virtual machines (by setting up agents in the physical hosts).


As per the best safety practices, we keep the media used at a location separate from the backup structure, with access and temperature controls.




• Recover your data in case of hardware failure, the application or users mistakes

• Our team is responsible for monitoring the generation of backups, changing tapes and performing periodic tests to guarantee the adequate functioning of the solution

• With no investment in hardware or infrastructure! Hire back-up as service, according to the volume of data and gradually scale according to your demand. Avoid wasting resources!

• Backups are performed automatically, every day at scheduled times, according to the agreed policy

• Have security copies of the files in the filesystem or the information searched in its own applications (e-mails, database, virtual machines, etc.)

• Backup media filed in safe drawers, at specific locations in the servers