Dedicated Link




Workstations and servers of your company’s local network may need access to your servers and equipment hosted in data centers that are partners with Brasil Link. Due to performance, safety or cost issues, it may be interesting not to use the Internet for such traffic. A PAP Link ( peer to peer connection ) provides physical , private and direct digital connection for transmitting data between two environments which he TIP TIP A and B. Using the NAT protocol , networks communicate with invalid IPs.

This solution is ideal for access through your network , your environment in the service provided by Brasil Link with guaranteed bandwidth for use of applications and management servers.



When linking the network location of your company to your environment using a PAP link, you can enjoy the quality and stability of the contracted Internet band for your environment, from within your company.

This solution is ideal to access your network through your environment at the data center, with a large bandwidth to use applications and managing servers.




• Neutral Carrier connections ensure access to the Internet through at least four Telecom operators. The failure of an operator will not affect its availability

• Be connected to the main backbones in the market, and using protocol BGP-4, use only the best routes

• Determine a point to point connection between your company and the servers hired with Brasil Link, providing more security and ensuring a large bandwidth for your applications

• Enjoy a high quality Internet connection in your office also by joining the hiring of Internet bandwidth with a point to point connection

• Exchange traffic with the main players of the Brazilian Internet through PTT Metro. You save your Internet bandwidth, have less latency and avoid losing packages

• Flexible negotiation allows the contracting of a large fixed bandwidth, peak tolerance (95%) or control by traffic volume

• Unconditional support: dealing with an operator is always stressful. We monitor the link 24×7 and have the necessary support to interface with the operator