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Private Cloud


Your project may have some requirements, technical or business related, that prevent the sharing of physical infrastructure with another company.


With our Brazilian Private Corporate Cloud Solution, you have a dedicated structure for your company. There is no sharing of servers. It is a cloud just for you, where you choose exactly the size, how you’re your configuration be and in which of our data centers it will be located. Be free to decide which technology will be used (VMware, XEN or Hyper-V).


As the environment is yours, the rules are yours. Just like it happens with physical environments, you can count on the expertise of our qualified professionals in environment management or leave the administration for your own team.




You don’t need to choose between the cloud and the traditional physical environments. Our PRIVATE mode of Corporate Cloud integrates completely with your physical servers and the entire portfolio of Brazilian managed services. Count on our team of solution architects, experienced in the implementation and management of different technologies to help you identify the opportunities to consolidate servers in your current environment. Build a hybrid environment, transferring to the cloud only what really needs to be migrated, without losing performance or affecting your security.




• Reduce significantly the costs of hardware, software and basic infrastructure

• Increased productivity, flexibility and responsiveness – do more with the same resources

• Impartiality with respect to technology: choose the one that best fits your environment (VMWare, Xen or Hyper-V)

• Communication via VLAN with their hosted physical design in our data centers

• Keep track of your resources (memory, HD and processing) straight from the virtualizer software, without the need to enter the server

• Connect shut down and restart the server without having to interact with the support

• Snapshots creation (restore points)

• Full integration with the entire Brazilian portfolio: Firewall, Storage, Load Balance and other

• Enlist the Brazilian team of certified experts to manage your cloud hosted at one of the country’s data centers