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Shared Cloud


Do you have a project that has pre-set beginning and ending dates? At the end of this work, what will you do with the used hardware? Technology evolves quickly, and when keeping the equipment for a future opportunity, apart from keeping idle assets, they may become obsolete.


There are projects that are so innovative that it is difficult to predict its growth; others require the isolation of their applications in different servers. The question is: how is it possible to get the right size server for each application?


With our Brazilian solution of Shared Corporate Cloud, the expansion of the virtual infrastructure can be done at any time, upon demand, without interrupting the operation of your environment. This is the ideal solution for projects that need to grow very quickly.


As there are no investments in hardware, the initial cost of your project is considerably lower.


Optimize computational resources, save physical space, power and cooling, and see that your monthly expenses will decrease as well. With a more streamlined environment, there are less expenses with software licenses and server management is simpler. Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the time that your professional team wastes with repairs on your IT platform.


Unlike the existing clouds in the market, with Brasil Link you can build your environment combining resources in physical servers and in the cloud, and still count on the various services offered by Brasil Link.




If security is your fear, don’t worry! With Corporate Cloud, your virtual environment is safe and properly isolated from other cloud environments. You know in which data center your data is located and your cloud servers can communicate with the VLAN used by your physical servers. This flexibility, together with safety and quality certified by ISAE 3402, SSAE 16 type II SOC I, ISO9001:

2008 and ISO 27001:2013, allow that your experience, regardless of time of contact, is agile and effective, dealing promptly with possible deviations. If you wish a physically isolated and dedicated environment, get to know our Brazilian solution of Private Corporate Cloud. In it, the entire physical structure is used only for your servers. You can also choose the software that will perform the virtualization of the environment. And, just like with physical servers, if you prefer you can leave the management of the servers for our team of experts. Get to know our solutions for the Consolidation of environments and know how and where you can use the benefits of cloud computing without affecting your safety or performance.




Through the Client Portal you can monitor the resources of all your servers in the cloud. Follow, in real time, the HD consumption, memory and CPU. Turn off or restart your server automatically and see the history of the last actions performed. When you perform some more advanced configurations, count on the Snapshots feature. With this feature, you create a restoration point. In case of errors during the course of maintenance, you can restore the snapshot, returning all configurations and files to the time before the failure.