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Dedicated Server / Hardware


New projects or extensions require investments in infrastructure and hardware. The services offered by Brasil Link helps you reduce the monthly expenses with maintenance of IT infrastructure and ensure a safe environment with adequate cooling and power high availability and connectivity.   Also reduce costs with the purchase of equipment for your project. Brasil Link provides a Dedicated Hardware service which supports network elements (such as routers and switches) and additional assets (such as backup tape drives) to complement your environment. You don’t need any initial investment as you only pay a monthly fee for use.




Hardware failures in critical equipment can negatively affect your business. We know that it is impossible to keep hardware in stock in your company for immediate replacement in case of failure. The purchase of such equipment is usually time consuming and increases the time during which your company would have to deal with the problem. Contracting dedicated hardwares, you get more than a simple reduction of CAPEX in your project. We are responsible for the available hardware. We keep replacement parts in stock and, in case of failure, we replace the item within the period specified in the contract.




• Easy to quickly expand its current environment, without the need to acquire new equipment

• Fast replacement with no additional costs in case of hardware failure. We have replacement parts in stock

and technical support team available 24×7

• Reduce capital expenditure of your project and at its completion or upgrade the infrastructure. Don’t keep

idle equipment

• Equipment availability made simple, without the need to negotiate with various suppliers or worrying about

hardware importation issues