IP Bandwidth


Using the BGP-4 protocol in traffic routing, we make available for your environment in the data centers, partners with Brasil Link, the Internet access through various backbones. Therefore, apart from providing greater ease to perform the upgrades, the failure of an operator does not affect its availability. Projects may have different usage profiles. Therefore, we offer two ways to hire internet bandwidth.




PREMIUM IP offers connectivity with a fixed bandwidth. And the amount paid at the end of the month is also fixed. It is ideal if you have a predominantly constant traffic and high availability needs.




By offering a bandwidth capable of supporting a peak of up to five times of the width contracted,DEMAND IP is ideal for environments that have few usage peaks, but cannot have affected its performance at these times. The pricing for its use is calculated using the 95th percentile, which is a method to obtain reference values that are tolerant to the peaks because it ignores the larger samples.