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Microsoft Cloud OS Network


Cloud OS Network is a global program for premium cloud service providers developed in close partnership with Microsoft in order to provide cloud infrastructure and solutions with technical validation of both teams. Participants of this network combine Microsoft technology and the hosting experience and geographical positioning to provide flexibility and options for data center and hybrid cloud solutions.




International enterprises must expand in emerging markets. Brazil represents the largest share of GDP in Latin America and Brasil Link’s challenge is to connect, protect and strengthen digital economy offering means to enable scalability. Due to its position in the market and excellent technical performance allied to the support of Microsoft Cloud Platform, Brasil Link is the only premium provider selected to operate in the South American region.




We understand that the current context impact all enterprises:


This trend is becoming more of a market reality for the companies:

Regarding hybrid cloud, we have to consider that it is much more than a connection between private and public environments. What is the best way to do make the connection: via internet of local connection? What if the clouds were all in the same place? Wouldn’t it be possible to ensure the performance and availability the companies need?


Here your environment can be next to Microsoft Azure® cloud structure and have direct connection through Azure ExpressRoute®, so you can benefit of security, better performance and absolute control of your hybrid environment.