AWS Direct Connect


Hybrid IT Environment infrastructures are becoming more and more common as we are living in the Big Data era, where the volume of data is increasing exponentially year after year, and optimizing resources is mandatory in corporate strategies. This duality is a major challenge for CIOS, who must balance both demand and still keep tremendous volume of data easily accessible. Several different Cloud Computing models are essential for IT environments, and when we discuss the security issue, particularly for the hybrid model, connectivity between environments is a worrying matter. It is necessary be in compliance with several regulations and keep costs under control. According to Gartner, “by 2015, almost 50% of Cloud implementations will suffer performance problems that will affect business, and will be necessary to redesign the used network”.




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As you know, Brasil Link is completely neutral when it comes which Telecom company you want to cloud to be designed in. If you want to scale your structure to a Public cloud from Amazon Web Services, we respect your choice and also help you to be connected with it most efficiently. Using regular internet connection to access your Cloud AWS may seams easier and cheaper, but actually it is not. Besides insecurity, you will probably have to increase your investments in connection and still not benefit of satisfactory performance and availability. By hiring a dedicated IT infrastructure – physical or virtual with Brasil Link, you only have to contract a cross connection to Amazon POP and your hybrid environment will have a much more secured private connection with exceptionally superior performance. Furthermore, you can control the volume of bandwidth you hire according to your seasonal needs.


• Direct and Safe Connection to AWS Enviroment
• Reduce Internet bandwidth costs
• Consistent network performance
• Compatible with all AWS services available in Brazil
• Guaranteed 99.5% availability in the SLA